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The Liebster Award!

Wow, this is so exciting! I'm nominating these awesome new blogs for a Liebster Award!
The Liebster Award: Discover New Blogs!

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award!

I am so excited, I’ve only been live for a couple weeks and I was nominated for a new blogger award, called The Liebster Award!  First, a huge thank you to Jillian Hahn from Milk Drunk In Love for the nomination!  Make sure to head over to her site to check out her adorable little boys!

The Liebster Award “Rules”:

According to the official rules, I am supposed to tell you about my favorite blog.  That is very hard to choose!  If I have to choose just one, I would pick the blog that first inspired me and captured my attention years ago: Julie Powell’s blog “The Julie and Julia Project”.  You can still find and read most of the entries thanks to the awesome Internet Archive!  If you haven’t checked that site out, be prepared to spend hours scouring the amazing resources (and it’s all free!)

If you don’t know about the Julie and Julia Project, here is the basic lowdown: Julie Powell was a hobbyist cook who decided to cook her way through Mastering The Art Of French Cooking by the Great Julia Child.  No easy feat!  She got super famous and it spawned a huge writing career and a movie, etc.  The blog is perfect, everything I would want my own blog to be.  She has a signature writing style, tons of charming quirks (major theater nerd and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan), and she really knew how to describe cooking!  Her best passages are these beautiful, apt descriptions of flavors, ingredients and the frustrations and rewards of cooking and learning new cooking techniques.  I can only hope my blog develops that kind of style and uniqueness.  She’s a great, great writer.

Liebster Award Rules!
Liebster Blog Award Rules

“Rules” I am skipping:

According to the website The Global Aussie, where this award originated (I think), I am also supposed to give 10 random facts about myself and, after I nominate other blogs for this award, give them 11 questions to answer in their post!  The reason I am skipping these two things: 1) I do not have 10 random interesting facts about myself, not by a long shot, and 2) that seems like some unnecessary busy work!  We have enough to do trying to get our blogs off the ground without answering random questionnaires!

The Liebster Award
Liebster Award: My Nominees!

My Liebster Award Nominees:

Here are the blogs I have chosen to pass this award onto next:

This Mayberry Life: Danielle’s website looks like it’s going to be a fun mix of reviews, health and lifestyle posts, and parenting.  I like her easygoing writing style.  My favorite post of hers so far is titled “When Side Hustles and Surveys Don’t Work”- I really related!

Shutters and She Sheds: There are no posts yet, but I’m so curious about this site.  The premise behind it- a woman’s solution to a “Man Cave”… I am thinking I need one of those!  Her logo is drop dead gorgeous and it looks like she’s a photographer, too.  This one will be chock full of eye candy once it’s up and running!

Middle Class Muddle: This is going to be fascinating.  Madison lives with her family in the bay area in California- and having lived there myself for a very brief period, I can tell you that cost of living is INSANE.  This blog will be perfect for those in heavily urban areas trying to pinch some pennies!

The Nelly Bean: I love makeup.  This blog is great- tons of neat product reviews and fantastic photos!  Anybody looking for new ideas and product recommendations, stop by this one!

Brew and Bloom: Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.  Travel photos that will make your mouth water.  If you love to travel, this is the one to go to, I can’t wait to dig into all the posts and salivate over these beautiful pictures and travel stories!

Thank you so much again to Jillian for the nomination, and I really hope that I can continue to develop my blog and keep helping all you mommies out there!  Congratulations to my Liebster Award nominees, keep up the awesome work!  I’m super proud of all of us!

Liebster Award Nominees Congratulations!

Mom Improvement: How to become your best mom (Life Change Starts Here)!

I love the way Julie Powell started her blog so I’m gonna try to copy her… I’m just going to jump right into the narrative. All you need to know about me will be revealed in time….)

First, let me just welcome you to my life

Mom Improvement: I want to be a better, happier mom! Here's what I'm trying!
Welcome to My Life!

I’m not afraid to admit, a few months ago, I was a #hotmess.  Before I started slowing down, I was multitasking to the point that I was double-scheduling myself for things repeatedly.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom.  I have a lot of free hours in the day in which to schedule things!  But here I was, finding myself week-after-week, having to call someone and say, “I messed up, can we change that thing?”  I felt, among many other things, like a total failure and pretty stupid.  It had to stop.  I couldn’t keep going the way I was because I was going to go crazy.  If that’s how you feel too, you’re in the right place.

It’s time for a change.

My plan of execution is very simple: a combination of mindfulness, (light) exercise, meditation, 28-day goals, habit tracking and a potpourri of other things, too!  This isn’t a paleo-diet, train for a marathon, give up your possessions and become a minimalist type of blog.  That’s not what we need.

We need MOM Improvement!

That’s where the title of my blog comes in!  To get back to the life we want to live, we have to start at the very beginning.  We’re going to make Mom Improvements: to improve as moms, we need to rebuild and re-structure the way we live our days.  “MOM”, in the business world, means “month-over-month” growth.  That’s apt for us as well!  We’ll tackle 1 to 2 habits each month, and track our growth!

Mom Improvement: I want to be a better, happier mom! Here's what I'm trying!
Happy Mom and Baby!

Mom Improvement- I want to be a better, happier mom! Here's what I'm trying!Let’s create our best days, so we can be better, happier moms!

This is not about packing more and more things into our lives.  We’re not adding to the already overwhelming To Do List.  Just the opposite- we’re going to subtract things.  We will do less each day.  But we are going to focus more; have more positivity, more intention.  We’re going to ask ourselves what we really want, what really brings meaning, and what are our true priorities.  I’ll be offering a neat freebie in my next post to help get us started.

Mom Improvement- I'm starting a journey to being a better mom!
Mom Improvement Journey Begins!

Ready to go?

It’ll be a long path, but I’m so excited to share this process with you!  I know you’ll be able to do it, too.  So, if you’re feeling like life has spun out of your control, like it’s just not going to ever stop being complete chaos… or worse, if you’re just not feeling like yourself and you don’t know when you lost you… I’m here for you.  I lost myself, too.  The awesome news is: a happier, more content, less messy, more confident and less stressed version of us is just waiting to be found.  Let’s go find our best life together!