The Before/After of a successful easy DIY Re-Organization project!
Mom Improvement Presents: Easy DIY Linen Cabinet Re-Organization

My Linen Cabinet… is a disaster!

Easy DIY Clean Out the Linen Cabinet- follow along!
The “Before” shot!

For a few weeks now, my linen cabinet has been… a total and complete disaster.  I recently had to move a bunch of “grown-up items” to the upper shelf of the linen cabinet after I caught my son using my husband’s deodorant on his teeth.  ??????  I have no idea why, and he certainly couldn’t explain himself!

Add to that a load of laundry that I didn’t have time to put away (so I just shoved it into the linen cabinet), plus some sloppy sheet-and-towel-folding and miscellaneous trash = a complete embarrassment!

Easy DIY Linen Cabinet Re-Organization

If your linen cabinet is in good shape, pick another closet or cabinet that needs some work, and follow along!  We have only two objectives for this mission: a quick and clean project, spending minimal time and money!  The only thing we really need to focus on is creating lasting solutions for easy storage, so that we can maintain our beautiful hard work once it’s done!

Easy DIY Linen Cabinet Re-Organization: Problem Solving!
Problem Solving:

We don’t have a linen cabinet, closet or shelving of any kind in our downstairs bathroom.  So this linen cabinet has to store ALL our sheets and towels.

I want to continue to store a few adult items on that upper shelf.  Deodorant, my husband’s electric razor, toothpaste, etc.  It is the safest, easiest place to keep those things.  I want them to be out of the reach of the kids, but I also don’t want to store them down below the sink.  Toothpaste near plumbing and toilet cleaner is asking for trouble!

I wanted this to be an Easy DIY Linen Cabinet Re-Organization!  Including a better, easier way to fold and store sheets, towels and wash cloths so that I could find them and stop mixing up the different types and sets.

Take a second to set your objectives for your re-organization project.  Ask yourself these easy questions:

  1. What do I need to keep in here?
  2. Am I having problems keeping it organized?  Why?
  3. How can I solve those problems?

The Solution:

Easy DIY Linen Cabinet Re-Organization (or another closet you want to re-organize) will have a few basic materials.  These may differ based on what you need.

  • A pencil or sharpie (to mark your paper for cutting)
  • A couple of small boxes
  • optional: A roll of Con-Tact paper, or something similar (I chose this one– I got it at Target for $5.99).

Getting Started:

This will be the most helpful step in the Easy DIY Linen Cabinet Re-Organization.  Pull everything out!  Are there things that don’t belong?  In our cabinet, I found my son’s R2-D2 figurine… Separate the things that don’t need to go back in.  Then put them away where they belong.

Are there things that need to be washed?  I switched out my dirty towels for clean ones, and put the laundry in the laundry room.

Clear your work space as needed.  I folded everything nicely and stowed it away so that I wouldn’t trip over it while I worked.

Replace If Necessary…

I pulled out the old Con-Tact paper that was lining the cabinet.  If you have perfectly good paper in your cabinet, there’s no need to replace it, you can just wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

My paper was peeling off and didn’t look good anymore; most of the cause of this problem is, unfortunately, the type of shelf we have in that cabinet.  The easiest solution to this problem would have been to simply pull out the shelf and replace it.

If you need to replace a shelf or shelves, I would recommend looking at IKEA, they have some amazing closet/storage/shelving solutions for very reasonable prices.

Easy DIY Linen Cabinet Re-Organization
The old contact paper- peeling away and looking shabby!

A New, Fresh Look!

This was my favorite part of the whole project, and the thing that really qualified it, in my head, as an Easy DIY project.  After a good scrubbing of the shelves with a multi-purpose cleaner (I use this one), I replaced the Con-Tact paper.  Then, in a stroke of genius, I wrapped the two small cardboard boxes in the Con-Tact paper as well.  I realized this would make the cabinet look like it had a “theme”, as well as dress up the boxes just enough!

Why boxes?

I wanted to re-use.  We get a lot of cardboard boxes because we get so many products delivered from Amazon.  I like to try to use them all around the house in different ways.  Plus, it was free!

Final Touches

The last problem I had to solve was how to organize my linens.  I have lots of linens that are only partial sets- missing the fitted sheet.  I wanted to figure out how to get them to look nicer on the shelf.  Well, there’s a reason why Martha Stewart is Martha Stewart.  A search on YouTube for the “best way to fold sheets” brings up this video, with her absolutely genius hack.  Just a warning, that video is mostly a commercial for her sheet sets, but it’s worth sitting through because of the advice!


The finished product:

Easy DIY Linen Cabinet Re-Organization: the finished product!
All Done! So much better!

Some of the towels were still in the laundry when I took this picture, but you get the idea!  There is now a place for everything.  Wash cloths go in the bigger box on the lower shelf.  Towels in the back, hand towels in front.  Up above, our beautiful, matched, folded and organized linens!  And a smaller box for our “adult items”.  This is going to be so easy to maintain!  I am so, so happy I did this.  It looks so much better and I feel so proud!

What are you going to organize?  Send me pictures of the before and after!