Welcome! What is Mom Improvement all about? Let me tell you!
Hi! I’m Heather!


Hi!  I’m Heather.  I’m a mom of 2 great boys, and I have a wonderful husband, too.  Also, we have a cat, who does not like me!

My “Mom Improvement” Mission:

To inspire and help Mommies to make gradual, consistent, sustainable improvements to our lives!

My Core Values:

(1) Gentle self-care, (2) Creating Routines and Good Habits, (3) Creativity (4) Kindness and Generosity, (5) Balance and Patience, (6) Positivity and Intention

What I’m All About:

It’s no secret that being a Mommy is unbelievably difficult. The roster of demands from a typical day are myriad- creative budgeting, problem-solving, plus figuring out what the heck to do with the kids day after day! In addition, coping with stress, anxiety and maybe even depression can really take a toll. To add to the pressure, societal parenting expectations are at an all-time high, and it’s easy to beat yourself up and feel you are “failing” your kids. I want to share my strategies to avoid this kind of negative thinking AND how to achieve your “best” personal days- because that’s what will give you your “best” parenting days! The daily grind can be really rough, so what can we do to turn that around? I’m all about finding new ways to take care of yourself, meet a new goal, find a new opportunity or make a day with the kids really special (without being hard on the purse strings).

If you’re someone who looks around you and thinks, “Everyone is doing life better than me,” then I know your pain.  That’s where I used to sit every day.  It’s a crappy place to be.  So I took control, and made some change!  You can, too!

This isn’t about becoming “perfect”.  It’s about making meaningful, sustainable improvement in your life because you want it, need it and deserve it.  The life we want is out there, and we can make it happen.

What Can You Expect From Me?

Simple steps toward improving the quality of daily life. Starting with finding personal fulfillment without making a To-Do list that is a million miles long! Slow and steady wins the race; real change takes time and patience. If you feel really stuck, and want to find ways to make positive changes (but maybe you aren’t sure where to start), I’m your gal!